Genius! We Approve! An Olive Oil Roller Engineered For Bread.

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When it comes to handy and functional kitchen tools that are straight up brilliant, here's proof that low-tech innovation can trump the bells and whistles of futuristic gadgetry any day. The Oil-On roll-on olive oil dispenser is one of those kitchen basics you never knew you needed — but once you have it, you probably couldn't go a day without putting it to use.

The glass, cork and wood-roller design comes from the Croatian design frim Oaza, and works the same way any roll-on deodorant or fragrance would, evenly distributing a light layer of oil to toast or bread as you glide the ball over its surface (for more oil, just keep rolling over the same area). We especially approve of the cool, minimalistic look of Oaza's design, especially the use of natural materials. For now, we're still waiting on the dispenser to go into mass production, but that doesn't mean the possibilities of faster paninis, grilled cheeses and oil-rubbed bruschetta toasts should go on hold. In the meantime, just pick up a few inexpensive empty roll-on bottles (the kind usually used for perfumes and aromatherapy oils) at any speciality cosmetic store, or right here on Amazon. Trust us, they'll live right next to your salt pig and all your other most-grabbed kitchen tools.

Oaza's clean, smart design combines innovative functionality with natural materials.[/caption]
Easy to clean and refill, the Oil-On roller keeps stepwork to a minimum by taking a brush and bowl out of the equation.[/caption]