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First off, we're not drinking tequila at the office and then a bunch of sake at dinner any more, okay guys? Good. Excellent. Second, I would like to extol the virtues of the tap water in my city, this morning in particular because I drank so much of it last night and also just now.

On my way down the stairs this morning I noticed two of my neighbors had just gotten giant tanks of water delivered, plus lots of bottles. Then a water delivery truck passed by on my way to the subway. Pardon my French, but why the flying fuck is anyone drinking Poland Spring out of plastic when this sweet nectar of the filteration gods flows from our taps here in New York City? That which leaves our dishes and hair squeaky clean? I lived in Los Angeles! I know shitty awful tap water that tastes like it passed through mummy bandages! We are some fortunate people, indeed.

I didn't know just how good our water tastes until I moved to Boston for high school. That water was good, not great. The water in Paris during study abroad was eh, passable. LA, again, like it was squirted out of a hypodermic needle. Then I dated someone whose dad is a hydrologist and the head of water quality control for all five boroughs. I found this inexplicably attractive and expressed mild interest in marrying into New York's first family of H2O. Fun fact: it basically all comes down to these two fish in a tank. If they're unhappy, that's bad. I'm sure it's more complicated than that, as are, it turns out, relationships.

Basically, what I'm saying is I have a sake hangover because I over-celebrated some of the best sushi in the city at the moment, and chugging the water that comes out of my sink as one in my condition is wont to do is an utter delight. 

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