Here Are Some New Summer Roll Fillings, Because I Miss Summer So Much Right Now

I think I have seasonal affective disorder. I just took my wine collection off the top of the trunk I keep on top of the bookcase so I could take the coats and sweaters out and put the awesome dresses and tank tops and...sob, sandals in. Also the bookcase is in the kitchen, which is also the dining room and the bedroom hallway. Ergo, I have room for everything. Also, I have some nice bottles of wine. I'm going to pop open the Chateau Margaux when I don't live in a studio anymore. Basically, it's prime rut season.

Here is how I will be shaking things up: summer rolls, which evoke warmer, more party-conducive times. Cause it's either food-related psychological transformation or blowing my rent on a week in the DR and then living on this for a month, and one of those is less dramatic than the other. I am all about the classic: shrimp, basil, rice noodles model dipped in hoisin-peanut sauce. But for rut-bashing, might I recommend the following?

And as far as dipping sauces go, here are 20.

Include rice noodles in all of them, except the one that already contains noodles. Or double-noodle it, it's your seasonal affective disorder, but the combination of tapioca rice wrapper and al dente rice noodles really is unbeatable texture-wise.

Oh my goodness. I feel so much better. Also, I turned on the lights in the office and that helped, but mostly it was thinking about summer. Sorry, rolls. Didn't finish that thought.

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