SO! It appears everyone likes the MEC, my long rambly story about a dance party that resulted in the best sandwich I've ever made. And who could blame the likers? It's sliced and fried tomato sauce–infused sausage-spiked meatball on a classic, unfussy egg and cheese sandwich. It's the best thing to eat for breakfast. Period. That butter-basted duck egg on top of braised chanterelle poutine with truffled gravy was pretty good. But it was no MEC. And since it's Meatless Monday, it's also MEC-less Monday. So what to do? Raid the fridge…raid the fridge. Hey, bok choy and French butter! Okay, second party story.

My friend K-Dogg had a birthday party last…something. Thursday? Our group of not more than seven polished off three punch bowls and a lot of shots. It was not K's most drunken birthday party, not even close. One year we ::footage not found::

Anyhoo, the afterparty found itself back at my apartment around 2 a.m. After I hoisted the air conditioner out of the window, climbed onto my fire escape and drunkenly fell through the bathroom window into the shower to rescue the birthday girl who was "asleep" with the door locked, I decided food was in order. Funny how you sober up to be a hero, right? 

I had, as previously mentioned, eggs, bok choy, French butter, a hunk of aged cheddar, bread and precisely nothing else. Seriously, it's a ghost town in there, for no other reason than I am lazy and slightly broke from my awesome L.A. vacation where K-Dogg and I ate these. Those didn't cause me to be broke, but this did. With these ingredients, I formulated the BEC, a fried egg and cheese sandwich spiked with buttery sautéed bok choy leaves fried in more salty French butter, better known as the Bok Choy, Egg and Cheese.

"K-Dogg. K-DOGG!" I yelled, shaking her. Nada. Not even "fuck off, just let me sleeeeeep rraaawwwhhh."

"Eat half of this sandwich, dude. It's melty and delicious," I urged. Nothing.

"Fine, I'll eat it," I said. And I did, the whole awesome thing. It rocked. Then I too passed out and was more or less fine in the morning, which I attribute to the combined superpowers of eggs, butter and bok choy. And she totally should have had half. And you should totally have a whole one, cause it's just about the best Meatless Monday/blackout birthday night sandwich I've thought of to-date.

Maybe I should write a cookbook of drunken stories and the resulting various egg and cheese sandwich experiences.

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