Splendid Table Offers A Guide For The Late-Summer Chicken Roadtrip You Should Take

Winner winner, six chicken dinners! Culinary culture radio program Splendid Table just released a list of its half dozen favorite restaurants for chicken dinner. Locations span as far north as Illinois and as far south as Tennessee, with stops in Missouri and North Carolina along the way. Yes, you may raise an eyebrow at half of the venues being in Nashville, but let me be first to defend their inclusions. I mean, have you tried Prince's Hot Chicken?! (Then again, if you have and you ordered anything other than 'mild,' you wouldn't be here to tell the story.)

In addition to fried and hot chicken, dishes such as chicken with gravy, barbecue sauce-soaked chicken and "crusties" are included (we didn't know what that last one consisted of, either). Take a look at the list and be sure to listen to Jane and Michael Stern of Roadfood explain their selections on the podcast below.

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