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You idiot. £10 (Ten Pound) has been open for two years already and you're just finding out now? Where the hell have you been, dude? This isn't just a bar. It's a SECRET bar, tucked away high above Scarpetta at the Montage in Beverly Hills. Even calling it a bar seems like an insult. It's more like a study. The walls are mahogany, the tables are marble, the glasses are Lalique and the menus are so manly they've got American oak in them. Bad. Ass. This is a study that seems like it belongs to a really rich guy with great taste who happens to have the best liquor collection you've ever seen – especially if you're into Macallan.

Chances are you've never seen more expressions of rare Macallan in one place than right here. We're talking your choice of Sherry Oak, Fine Oak or Old & Rare with a minimum age of 15 years and all the way up to 64. That's right, friend, you can get scotch that was born the same year as Ozzy Osbourne. Sure, it'll set you back $64,000, but it might be worth it to celebrate Ozzy's birthday, right? If that's too far a ride on the crazy train, hit the 60-year-old version, which is a much more affordable $3,100 per serving. They even have the Annie Leibovitz editions from '89, '91 and '96 in case you like to think about photography as you quaff.

Ten Pound isn't limited to just Scottish whisky, though. They also serve top shelf tequila, gin, vodka, cognac, rum, bourbon and rye. If you've been looking for that 21-year-old Willett Reserve, they've got you covered. Same goes for the last consignment of British Navy Rum from Black Tot. Only $195 and you'll be drinking actual history.

Even the ice is luxe here. Play polar roulette and choose some Kold-Draft cubes, whisky stones or a Highland Springs Scottish water ball. If you're both figuratively and literally a baller, ask for the custom £10 ice bulb to roll around your drink without diluting it too much. No matter what, you'll be chillin' in style.

Hungry? The chef Frank Macias just put together a new menu for you and it's full of the decadent stuff you crave when you're rolling deep. Aged bison tartar, escargot, caviar, cigars – if it belongs in a French hunting lodge circa 1963, you'll find it at Ten Pound. Just be careful. There's a $50 minimum per guest, but there's no maximum. That means you could get lost in here for days and come out with a zero balance in your bank account. But don't worry, pal, it'll all be worth it.

£10 (Ten Pound)
225 North Canon Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

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