The Coravin May Be The Most Important Thing To Happen To Wine Since The Cork

Greg Lambrecht faced a problem that will be familiar to wine-obsessed guys whose partner suddenly stops drinking. In his case, his wife was pregnant, and when she made the responsible choice to lay off the booze, Lambrecht didn't want to start wasting his best wine, opening it and having a glass, potentially wasting what was left in the bottle. He could have doubled his wine intake and "drank for two," but the MIT-trained nuclear engineer and medical device inventor had a better idea: what if there was a way to have a glass of exposing wine without popping the cork and exposing the precious liquid to oxygen?

His solution, a high tech device called the Coravin, is sort of like a home version of the enomatic system that's been popping up in some upscale restaurants, offering heady wines by the glass. Lambrecht's product has just debuted, and though we haven't tried it yet, we'll be placing our order shortly. Priced at $299 for the base unit and two pressurized capsules, it allows you to tap into an expensive bottle and pour yourself a glass while saving the rest of the bottle for much later. Check out the video:

For buying info, check out the Coravin website.

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