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Not to distract you from a grill full of burgers and dogs or take any spotlight away from that famous potato salad of yours, but we've thinking long and hard about another summer treat in a bun: the lobster roll. It's one of those wonderful seasonal specialties we spend all winter fantasizing about. And yeah, you can get them in the winter, but this beast was meant to be consumed outside in the heat. Preferably a stone's throw from a beach, if not closer.

So we're dedicating an entire week to the lobster roll, gem of the summer food lineup — interviews with the chefs who know and love them best, tips and tricks for making them on your own and recipes for every variation…under the sun. Right? Because it's summer and we're outside eating lobster rolls? Yes. How many recipes? A ton. It's going to be a great week. 

Brush up on your lobster facts in the meantime: