Video: Perfect Egg Yolk Runniness, Every Time

A recent office debate centered on the increasing number of cases of HCLS (that's "home cook laziness syndrome"). With more and more reluctant cooks turning to just-add-water products to reduce manual labor in the kitchen, it was only a matter of time before the appearance of a ready-made egg. Available on shelves in the UK now is an instant Dippy Egg (Brit slang for soft-boiled) — a pre-cooked boiled egg that promises a soft yolk in just five minutes. And while our stove-top recipe is proven and takes around the same time, we're most impressed with the compact packaging here. Both the cooking vessel and serving plate are included. We're down with that.

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The egg comes packaged in a sealed plastic bag, with five minutes under hot water in a Cup Noodles-type setup the only roadblock between the inept home cook and awe-inspiring egg p*rn. Take a look at the demonstration video below and let us know if you think the future of home cooking really is this bleak.

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