Sweet Nostalgia For Lunch At USC

It occurred to me yesterday that my five-year USC reunion happened. I only know that because my boarding school 10-year reunion is right around the corner, and that one's guaranteed to be fun. What? I've been drinking with one crowd for 15 years and one for 10 — I go off of numbers.

Why yesterday? Well, I went on a date with a guy from UCLA. How I saw the "USC Trojans Suck" toilet paper in his bathroom this morning is not important, but BOY did it spawn a fierce craving for burritos and bulgogi like I have never experienced. That's just how my head works. Also, don't have anti-USC toilet paper in your bathroom when a Trojan chick's over or I'll swiftly order that "Drop Those Bruins" toilet paper and we can perpetuate this thing forever. And while that might not sound romantic to you, esteemed reader of What To Eat For Lunch...

Back to my point: lunch at the objectively superior University of Southern California. Awesomeness. Not on-campus, obviously, but just outside of campus, right in the crosshairs of clear and present danger ::nostalgic sigh for getting mugged at gunpoint:: is some of the best Mexican and Korean food outside of Mexico and Korea. It might even rival its native counterparts. Check it out:

So screw your national baseball championship, take a quick peek at our football record, and let's go out again next week? Mexican?

More kind of personal information for lunch on Food Republic: