Revealed: The 2013 Grand Cochon Final Menu Is All Pork Pyrotechnics

Cochon 555 asks one simple question: What can you, talented and slightly insane chef, do with an entire heritage-breed pig? The answer has been answered loudly via a 10-city competition that sent Red Wattle and Berkshire pigs to kitchens across the country.

At each of the stops, five chefs were given the pig and asked to create five courses that best reflect their style — and implements the concept of nose-to-tail cookery. At the festive gatherings, creativity flows almost as freely as bourbon. The winner doesn't just win a pig trophy (natch), but an invitation to compete in Sunday's Grand Cochon Final in Aspen. (I once served as a judge and it was pretty epic.)

Last year, Jamie Bissonnette (of Coppa and Toro in Boston) was inspired by a three-week trip to Vietnam and served lemongrass sausage, coconut red curried pig skin with a pork rillettes "sung" dotted with red curry pork fat mayo. Scott Drewno (of The Source in Washington, D.C.) served pig head curry and a lettuce cup with char siu and a fried rice salad atop a homemade (and hand-carved) wooden platter.

"I've got a knack for finding out who's buying whole pig and mentioning farmers and heritage species on menus," says Brady Lowe, the tireless mastermind of this porcine exhibition (read our interview). Yesterday we reached out him to find out what the finalists were preparing. In the spirit of fairness, we agreed to select a single dish from each of the chefs. Well, nine. Missy Robbins is keeping things close to the chest.

Seattle: Jason Franey | Canlis

Blood pot de creme, apple espuma, bacon brittle, cinnamon macaroon

Boston: Michael Scelfo | Alden And Harlow

Parker House bahn mi: umami terrine, chili and fermented bean aioli, shaved loin, whipped pig fat

Washington D.C.: Mike Isabella | Graffiato

Pork fat arancini

Atlanta: Ryan Smith | Empire State South

Bologna soup dumplings, bread and butter pickles, yellow mustard

Chicago: Cosmo Goss | Publican Quality Meats

Churros & chocolate: pork skin 'churros' and pork jus chocolate caramel

Los Angeles: Ray Garcia | Fig

Pork ice cream with organ syrup and head cheese brittle

Vail: Jason Harrison | Flame

Mule foot rilette, summer salad with crispy tail, ears and trotters

San Francisco: Adam Sobel | rn74

Fat back mapo tofu: Spicy braised pig's head, crispy ears, chili oil, Szechuan pepper

Miami: Aaron Brooks | Edge

Porchetta sandwich: shaved foot, house pickles, liver spread, fragrant herbs, Habanero jelly

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