Have You Tried Slicing Cheese With A Knife Carved From Alligator Jaw?

Whether you're looking for a new, outrageously original gift idea, or merely a conversation piece for your next dinner party, here is something you've never seen before. Fangblades are hand-carved knives fashioned from alligator jawbones, and they're not only of a quality that will move that ceramic knife to the back of the drawer, but they're, well, made from alligator jawbones!

Portland-based artist and designer Stephan Alexandr, whose work typically comprises original pieces derived from animal skeletons and other natural materials, whittles and sharpens each blade by hand, using actual alligator jawbones sourced from Florida. The knives feature two remaining fangs for added effect, and are approximately 7 inches long. Though they're capable of cutting most foods, Alexandr recommends them for cutting cheese more easily than with typical cheese knives. Fangblades make ideal letter openers too, he says, but we'd be much more amused seeing one of these things sticking out from a wheel of brie.

Available in 15 colors ($65 each) via Alexandr's website.