Reminder: Pangolin Meat Is Still Illegal

Over the weekend, a Chinese boat carrying 10,000 pounds of illegal scaly anteater meat was discovered stranded on a reef in the Phillippines in the worst possible place for a boat full of poachers and their haul: a marine wildlife UNESCO-designated World Heritage Site. And they damaged a bunch of the reef. So however you think your Monday's going...

Scaly anteaters, officially known as pangolins, are covered in hard scales that are used in Eastern medicine. Their meat and blood also have alleged health benefits and are popular in Asia. We just think they're kinda cute — no urges to club and boil them on our end. The little roly-poly devils have been an endangered and protected species since an international trade ban in 2002, but are still highly prized and widely hunted.

This was among the largest of the recent seizures of pangolin meat and scales since the 2002 ban, so don't be surprised if your exotic meats guy is in a right huff this week. Maybe pick up some extra moose to cheer him up.

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