Video: Lady Margaery And MTV Geek Make 'Game Of Thrones' Poached Pears

I may be all caught up on the books (yup, I know what happens, now who wants to touch me?) but that didn't preclude me from counting down the minutes to last night's Game Of Thrones premiere. Hang onto your nipples and check out this video from MTV Geek, with Natalie Dormer/Lady Margaery and the MTV geek himself, Steve Smith. Ready for some awkward (and frankly, out of season) pear peeling?

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What am I saying? It's a food video, milk it! Hot Pie's Hot Tips make him seem more like a character than just a kid who yells about pies and will likely be gutted, beheaded or disemboweled by a dragon at some point (not a spoiler, fans, just going by what I've seen).

Also, he gets her to say "Winter is coming," which is some neat journalism.

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