An Industry First: Craft Beers In Cans With Removable Lids

From CraftCans today comes the news that Pennsylvania-based Sly Fox Brewing Company will offer two of their beers in cans with removable lids, an industry first. In addition to releasing cans of the popular Pikeland Pils, the company is also introducing new year-round beer Helles Golden Lager in this format.

While Helles Golden Lager cans will be available throughout the Sky Fox distribution market, cans of Pikeland Pils can only be purchased at Citizens Bank Park, home of the Philadelphia Phillies. The cans are designed by Crown and feature a "360 Super End" according to Sly Fox. The beer company views this invention as an improved alternative to glassware, touting its benefits in flavor, aroma, waste and safety categories.

So we finally have a way to drink craft beer from a can that drinks like a glass. We can get behind that. And be sure to check back early next week for our baseball preview, featuring food and drink stories from stadiums around the league.

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