Design We Are Feeling: 4 Sleek Scotch Glasses

If you're drinking fine Scotch (and you know exactly what that means), then pay respect where it's due and sip from an artful, high-quality glass. Whether you choose to serve nostalgia neat, à la Mad Men, or prefer modern design, there is a tumbler for every whisky connoisseur. Scroll down for a look at four of our favorite designs, and where to purchase them.

Madison Avenue Whisky Glasses, $20 set of 2, Wine Enthusiast (Mad Men glasses)[/caption]
Blade Runner Whisky Glass, $40 each, Fire Box[/caption]
Glencairn Whisky Glasses, $40 set of 4, Wine Enthusiast[/caption]
Peugeot Le Whisky, $45 set of 2, Chefs Resource[/caption]

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