Top 8: Food-Related Clips On 'Portlandia'

Food has always been at the gooey, sometimes very awkward, center of hit IFC series Portlandia a sketch comedy show starring Saturday Night Live alum Fred Armisen, rock singer Carrie Brownstein (a very funny rock singer) and a range of special guests. SNL cheese Lorne Michaels is the executive producer. With the new season beginning on Friday (10/9c), we've decided to roundup our eight favorite food-related clips from the first two seasons. Spoiler alert: Here's a clip from the new season. Spoiler alert!

8. Food Coma Burger for lunch? This is what happens when 2:45 rolls around.7. Cacao It’s kind of a fun word. It’s kind of a safe word.

6. Bobby Flay Brunch In search of the ultimate pancake recipe.

5. Brunch Line Cutters A cruel fate is to be expected when cutting the Sunday brunch line.

4. Outdoor Movie Being fully prepared for cinema under the stars.3. Food Porn When the Portland Dining Guide visits a restaurant, two chefs sit for a photo shoot.2. Is It Local? A little bit more information about the chicken, please.1. Remember The 90s? When everybody was pickling their own vegetables and making their own beer.