Lunch: All The Times I've Mentioned Chicken Salad

It occurred to me yesterday as I was suggesting what could possibly be my jillionth reference to chicken salad at lunchtime that I mention chicken salad a whole lot in this column. That's because to me, there is no greater or more universally appealing blank slate than a plain old pile of shredded leftover chicken, just waiting for your bidding. Will the binder be mayo — Japanese or American? Or possibly yogurt — regular or Greek? What's the crunch element? What does it go on? The answers to these questions and more, in today's edition of 11 Reasons You Should Eat Chicken Salad For Lunch.

I promised you over a year ago that I'd get the random chicken salad idea generator up and running. Watch:

"Hey! How about that random chicken salad idea generator, guys?"



"Are you going to Minar for lunch?"

"Yes, I am."

"Can you get me a biryani?"

"Yes I can."

And that is how the random chicken salad idea generator gets made.

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