Copenhagen: It's That Gløgg Time Of Year At The Barking Dog

When I was in Copenhagen earlier this year I stumbled upon the Barking Dog while waking down Sankt Hans Gade in the fashionable Nørrebro neighborhood. I wasn't in the mood for a drink at all, but after checking out the drink list written by London-trained owner Carl Wrangel, I had a barrel-aged Titanic Negroni in my hand in no time. (I was also tasting Krabask bitter and a homemade gin from Wrangel in no time as well.) Wrangel's list is an impressive mix of classics (Bellini, Old Fashioned), as well as fun plays like rum and Ting and a Hipster Club that "a fruity sour that changes in flavor according to what is in style."

I checked in with Wrangel to see what he was serving now that it's winter (apparently big news in the papers). Like industrial design and public transportation, the Danes do the holidays right, so I figured he had something up his sleeve.

He starts the menu with a homemade Gløgg (mulled wine) which transitions well into a Christmas Mai Tai — built around a syrup of star anise, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, red wine, raisins, cinnamon and almond. He adds a touch of cranberry juice, Smith & Cross over-proof Jamaican rum and a bit of 3-year-old Cuban rum to finish. The glass is "pimped with a Christmas garnish of grated cinnamon, fresh pine and cranberries." The bar is also serving a recent release from cult craft brewer Mikkeler called Hoppy Lovin X-Mas (an IPA made with pine and ginger). It comes with a shot of Christmas Peat (blended scotch). And to all a good night. Sankt Hans Gade 19

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