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First, there were reports that a global pork shortage was imminent. Fast forward a couple of months and there appears to be such a surplus of everyone’s favorite guilty pleasure that people have started to throw it around in...get this...Jell-O. There's even a nine-step recipe.

First, there were reports that a global pork shortage was imminent. Readers freaked out, we planned to stock our refrigerators with Oscar Mayer, and speculation began that bacon could become the next caviar. Not so fast. Fast forward a couple of months and there appears to be such a surplus that people have started to incorporate it into…Jell-O.

We’ve kept relatively quiet as bacon was mentioned as an ingredient in everything from martinis to cookies (we’ll admit the latter looks pretty good). But we’re drawing the line here. A crispy, oily, fatty meat being used to flavor the slippery, fruity dessert that defined many of our childhoods? It’s time to take a stand and declare that enough is enough.

Instructables user “Canida” is kind enough to include a step-by-step recipe. The author goes on to describe it as “a surprisingly edible piece of concept art” before admitting that it was not a crowd or judge favorite at the 2012 San Francisco Bacon Takedown. No shit. The creation is nothing more than a jiggly abomination, an insulting combination of flavors and textures. Then again, that’s just our opinion. Your thoughts?

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