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I don’t have much in the way of moderation on Fridays. Starting around 5 with office drinking and ending around 5 with street drinking is just about par for the course. I’m hitting Roseland Ballroom to see one of our favorite DJs do his crazy thing and whatever food comes my way in those first 12 hours of “yay, it’s the weekend!” is fair game.  

Now in preparation for heavy drinking — and I cannot emphasize this enough — “padding” must be consumed. As a food writer, I sometimes think I’ve eaten when I actually have only written about eating. This leads to interesting nights and downright bad mornings. I call it Wow You’re Dumb Syndrome. And I’m actually suffering from it right now.

So I’m deciding right now that to ensure I make it through the night intact and wake up sometime before 2 p.m. in decent enough shape to publish the pancakes roundup, today’s lunch will be loaded nachos. A lot of them. Probably as many as I can fit in there. And, aided by the power of visual persuasion, I suggest you do the same. 

Where are the captions? What is this, a walking tour of wine country? 

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