Video: Here Is A Rap About Pho That Asks If We're 'Down With Ill Viet Food'

Breaking news! Kickstarter project Pho Life, spearheaded by Seattle-based DJ, hip-hop artist and TOWNFOLK creator Alexei "Saba" Mohajerjasbi, is definitely creating a piece of art you'll want for your kitchen. Or bedroom, quite frankly. Donate a buck or more to this project and you'll be funding not only a talented artist with a cool project. Also, you're supporing this absolutely cracktastic pho rap!

And if that's not enough, your framed silk print comes with a pair of custom chopsticks and a set of buttons and stickers. Don't just eat your pho, wear it and adhere it to your phone. Definitely a good holiday gift in advance for the noodle-loving pho-king (or queen) in your life. Now squirt that sriracha evvverywhere. That's right, cut a nice big line. Careful though, it burns a little.

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