One Product, Two Ways: Pedometers That Pass The Style Test

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If you're aiming to get a headstart on your New Year's resolutions and avoid the potential holiday weight gain from the start, we applaud your decision. Just don't flaunt it in the rest of our pie-stuffed faces. Do we really care how many miles you walked in order to burn off that second helping of turkey and gravy-laden mashed potatoes?

In the past year alone, a crop of new, impressively-accurate pedometers and GPS-enabled fitness and activity-tracking devices have arrived on the market, some more stylish and discreet than others. Below are two of our top picks—the Fitbit One, and the Motorola MOTOACTV wristwatch—both of which score big for their ability to help kick your lardass into gear, as well as their fine undercover looks (because fitness, above all else, should be a personal goal).

Fitbit's One wireless tracker not only keeps count of your steps, distance walked, calories burned, and stairs climbed, but it also monitors your sleep patterns. The device syncs with your PC, smart phone, and ipad and allows you to upload goals and updates such as what you ate over the course of the day. The One clips onto your clothing, but you can also keep it in a shirt or pant pocket for similarly accurate counts. ($99 onFitbit's site)[/caption]
A do-it-all wristwatch, Motorola's MOTOACTV is GPS-enabled to track your distance, speed and calories, whether you're walking, running, cycling, or snowshoeing. It also features a built-in MP3 player. ($149 on Amazon). [/caption]