With Pork Slope, The Three Kings Ride Again In Brooklyn

For all the hype about Brooklyn's dining scene over the past few years, there haven't been many bona fide stars in the kitchen at any of the individual restaurants. A notable exception is Dale Talde, one of Top Chef's breakout personalities, who teamed up with two budding restaurateurs, David Massoni and John Bush, last year to form the Three Kings of Brooklyn. We chronicled their rise in this graphic novel–like intro to the trio (it's also included below if you don't feel like clicking).

Now that they're back with a second restaurant (a third, actually; while this was being inked, Talde signed on as a partner in Massoni and Bush's original venture, South Slope's Thistle Hill Tavern), we decided to go back to the drawing board with artists the Hayes Brothers to tell the story behind Pork Slope. It's the industry-friendly, close-to-the-Nets'-new-home spot for beers, burgers and, as the name would suggest, copious permutations of delicious pork.

Pork Slope, 247 5th Ave., Brooklyn, NY, 718-768-7675, porkslopebrooklyn.com