The Wish List: A Tribute To Jean-Michel Basquiat

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Jean-Michel Basquiat began as an obscure graffiti artist in downtown New York City and evolved into a renowned Neo-expressionist painter in the late 80's. His artistic style was reflected in the way he dressed — Basquiat had fun with fashion. He was known to take classic pieces and juxtapose them against a splash of color, often in a discreet yet humorous way. Like all great style icons, his fantastic sense of style transcends time. When looking through photos of the artists, I noticed how immaculate he always looked. He chose some designer elements and mixed them with inexpensive clothing in an unexpected way to create a look that was unique to him. They say that fashion may be ephemeral, while style is eternal. Basquiat embodied that statement.

Take note from Basquiat, and invest in a couple of high-quality pieces, then find subtle way to incorporate color. The items below may give you a head start, or serve as inspiration. The important thing is to own the look, and make it your own.

Paul Smith V-Neck Cardigan, $239 Far Fetch[/caption]
Wooyoungmi, Slim-Fit Contrast-Collar Cotton-Blend Shirt, $380 At Mr. Porter[/caption]
Solid Bow Tie, $110 At Barneys New York[/caption]
Marni Box Scarf, $310 At Barneys New York[/caption]
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Commes des Garçons Play Converse Chuck Taylor High Tops, $105 At Barneys New York[/caption]
Ligne Blanche King Alfonso Plate, At Colette[/caption]
Ligne Blanche King Alfonso Plate, At Colette[/caption]
Basquiat: The Radiant Child, $14At Colette [/caption]