Guy Fieri Has Some Advice For Justin Warner

In an interview last week, Guy Fieri told us about his organic garden and how the real Guy is not all about cheeseburgers and nachos. We also asked him about the current state of food television, which as you know he's a big part of. Specifically, we asked him what advice he has for the latest winner of The Next Food Network Star, Justin Warner. You may recall that Fieri won the second season of the show in 2006, vaulting him into the highest echelon of foodie television fame. Warner is a longtime friend of Food Republic. We're big fans of his Brooklyn restaurant Do Or Dine. We're fans of him rapping about wine. We want this dude to blow up and have his own restaurants in Times Square one day. So, take it away Guy Fieri...

What do you have to say to Justin Warner, the guy who just won the The Next Food Network Star?

Congratulations to him. It's definitely a gauntlet and these guys really go through the ringer now. Justin has so much energy and enthusiasm and the dude can cook! I think this is going to be awesome for him and he had a great mentor in Alton [Brown], who is a genius of food and produces great shows as well. I think Justin has a really good shot to get in there and do it, but as everybody knows, it's getting to the dance and then making a show.

What would you do if you were him right now?

I would do what I did [laughs]. Stay focused, listen to the people that you have around you and continue to be who you are. That's what gets you the show – you being you – going through each scenario and staying true to yourself. Either the judges and America like that and that wins, or it doesn't. Just who you are is what it is about. Justin is real to who he is from what I knew of him. I watched a bit of the show. I was also on the show with him and he has the character, personality, looks and definitely the knowledge. I think he'll do really well.

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