FR Style Inventory: Michael Solomonov

With New York Fashion Week upon us, we have style on the brain and decided to reach out to some of our favorite, and best-dressed, chef friends — to hear about their favorite designers and why it's never OK to wear chili pepper pants in the kitchen. Next up, Michael Solomonov — the man behind acclaimed Israeli restaurant Zahav in Philadelphia and a guy who swears by his dishwasher coat and gas station sunglasses. It's understated style (we'll call it).

Who is your single style icon?


Favorite brands/designers?

I wear Diesel and Lucky Jeans. Also, Cole Haan for shoes.

Clothing item you would never wear?

I would never ever wear a denim jacket. Especially if it was bedazzled.

Your last big splurge item was...

I recently bought a motorcycle.

Do you collect anything fashion related?

Yes, I collect cheap sunglasses from gas stations. In fact, the only sunglasses I wear are from gas stations.

Ever traded food for clothes?

No, but that's a pretty great idea!

Do you read any fashion magazines?

No, well sometimes GQ, but only for the articles.

Who's your favorite model?

Are people supposed to have a favorite model? No, I guess if I had to say someone it would be Bar Refaeli, but only because she is Israeli and she is a situation.

What do you wear during service?

I wear a short sleeve button-up dishwasher's coat.

Would you ever wear Crocs?

I have Croc slippers for the home. They are furry and they are fucking comfy!