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Remember: shotgun a beer, twist, suck, drop, pry, bite. And check out their new record this September. 

The members of Turbo Fruits, Nashville garage-psych band and co-founders of the legendary Bruise Cruise Festival, are super into food. In fact, they released an “informational” video detailing how to throw a memorable dinner shindig, starring those lovable little mud bugs: crawfish.

“I’ve been a fan of Cajun-style crawfish for as long as I can rememember,” says frontman Jonas Stein. “But it’s always been a mystery how they get them to taste so good. So this year I did some research on the Internet and bought myself a boiling pot. There’s not that much to it, just throw a bunch of shit in a pot, spices, hot sauce, whatever the hell you want.”

Well put, Jonas. That is indeed how you rock a crab boil. Check out their many secret ingredients, cleverly squirreled away in the video.