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In our story last month, Wake Up, Food Television Execs! So Says Chris Cosentino, the San Francisco chef and offal apostle expressed his frustration with food television. “Honestly, people are scared of the truth,” he said while we sipped coffee and riffed on the fucked-up-ness of the day, particularly the bad food TV being made.

We’re happy to report that Cosentino has found a home for his vision, signing on to star in a new web series on the ambitious new YouTube channel Hungry. Cosentino’s show, Pork You, begins filming next month and will be broken into five-minute episodes (a total of six are promised for the first season). “There is no one better to explore the multicultural uses of pork, from bacon glazed donuts, to pork brains on toast,” says Hungry CEO Bruce Seidel via email. Fully agree Bruce. Chris is the man. YouTube, not just for uploading your kitchen fail vids! Hungry is scheduled to launch in early July.