Thomas Keller Defends Himself

After The New York Times quoted super chefs Thomas Keller and Andoni Luis Adruiz saying that saving the world was not their problem, the internet erupted, but the chefs maintained a steely silence. Now, two weeks later, Keller has finally addressed the controversy via a post on Finesse magazine's Facebook page (Finesse being the French Laundry magazine). Keller writes that the Times piece was suppose to be about Adruiz's new book, but that the chefs were essentially sidetracked during a reporter's line of questioning. Because he felt his stance was "abbreviated," Keller wrote his own lengthy defense yesterday.

Keller writes, "Sustainability is a 'hot topic' today in our profession. We need to understand it in its fullest extent to be able to practice it meaningfully. Enlightened companies know true sustainability encompasses every aspect of their business. Yes, we must all have sensitivity to expending resources in a finite world. Of course the resources required to ship products to a restaurant are a piece of this puzzle. Denying this is foolhardy. But true sustainability has multiple dimensions."

He goes on to list many specific examples of the innovative and sustainable purveyors he supports as part of a broader network through The French Laundry, Per Se and the rest of his restaurants.

Read his entire argument here and tell us whether you agree in the comments.