Our Favorite Passover Recipes

We discovered last night that Passover food, like Chef Micah Wexler says, is perfectly cravable all year round. For those of you who skipped the Seder last night (we wonder about those plagues too — lice, really?) we recommend you try your hand at some of the excellent dishes essential to the Passover experience.

While they don't have to be as "out there" as Korean barbecue, some restaurants, like NYC's Rosa Mexicano, have mastered the art of successfully fusing timeless Jewish classics with south-of-the-border style, thanks to culinary advisor and all-around nice Jewish boy Jonathan Waxman. Ditto Julian Medina with his matzo-based tortillas for beer-braised brisket. And now, in the words of our ancestors: "Eat, eat, here take more." Cause oy, are we too skinny.

And since it's a tradition we just made up to drink four glasses of wine with any Passover-reminiscent or themed food, here's a list of 10 Kosher wines that have nothing in common with Manischevitz. But a Mazel Tov Cocktail or two would do the trick just as well. Best of all, Passover has a foolproof hangover breakfast built right in. Thanks, matzo brei!