The 9 Best Things I Ate In Melbourne

In talking to people before my trip to Australia it was pretty obvious that Melbourne often plays second fiddle to Sydney. After all, Sydney has the beaches, the shopping and nightlife that often goes strong until 8am. When I landed in Sydney, I asked the cab driver what he thought of Melbourne. "Melbourne? You don't want to go to Melbourne," said the 30-year resident. Fact: He had never been to Melbourne. Apparently, when you live in Sydney, you just don't go to Melbourne.

But an interesting thing happened when I started researching the trip. Everybody said I had to go to Melbourne for the food. Coffee, Greek, seafood, roasted pumpkin, neighborhood bistros for miles and miles, more coffee. The food is what Melbourne is known for. And with that, I booked a ticket to spend the most time in Melbourne. After telling the cab driver all this, he still didn't get it. I placed my business card in his hand and asked him to read in a couple weeks. Maybe he understands now, but probably not. Here are some of my favorite dishes from four days of eating and drinking around the city.