The Best Of The Imbiber, Volume 2

Our usually irascible spirits columnist Dan Dunn is on vacation this week — hopefully giving his liver a break, but probably not. So we thought it a good time to round up the booze-fueled banterer's best works since last time we took a look back into The Best Of The Imbiber, which was, shockingly, all the way back in July.

Dan's covered a lot of ground since then, most notably calling out a new whiskey company that's marketed toward hipsters — which became one of our most popular stories of 2011. But he's also been surprisingly helpful over the past few months, veering into one might call "service journalism." Take, for instance, these well-constructed, helpful guides:

Still, Dan hasn't lost his touch for keeping an eye out for the common man, as displayed so artfully in The Gentle Art of Getting Loaded in a Crap Economy, in which he went in search of a good poor man's cocktail. He also took on Big Liquor for creating products that are clearly designed to separate hard-earned money from the wallets of those who don't know better, in a rant against Tabasco-laced Southern Comfort, Getting Fired Up About Leisure Liquor, firing off this missile against corporate pandering to our lazier selves:

"We're living in an age defined by the marketing slogan 'there's an app for that,' and it stands to reason that unless we resist the temptation to allow computers and gadgets and booze companies to do everything for us, we're destined to become the fat, lazy and stupid leisure addicts from the space station in WALL-E."

Amen, Dan. We look forward to reading about what pisses you off in 2012.