Tim Tebow Eats Tacos!

A few days after we conducted a semi-exhaustive search of Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow's eating habits — "What Would Tim Tebow Eat?" — only to come up empty-plated, the scripture-quoting wunderkind has revealed at least one favorite dish in an exclusive interview with the New York Post today.

The page-long Q&A has some teases for culinary curious minds along the way, with Tebow answering the following about a question concerning his gameday routine: "I have my same routine of what I eat, what times I eat, meetings with coaches, and even warming up. I try to keep things the same." But then he stops — without revealing what he eats.

Tebow also mentions that he likes to go out to dinner with family and friends, but that his rising fame has made that "sometimes hard." Where would he like to go to dinner? A steakhouse? A trattoria? A kosher deli? He doesn't say!

It isn't until the last volley from interviewer Steve Serby, who asked rapid-fire questions — Q: "Favorite actress?" A: "Jennifer Aniston" — that we find out exactly what Tim Tebow would eat.

His favorite meal?

"Mom's homemade tacos," says Tebow.