Word Of The Day: Choucroute

Ok, let's get fancy here for a minute. When it comes to everyday sauerkraut, we all know the game plan. Take cabbage, add salt (and seasonings, if you really know what you're doing), ferment and pile on a sausage.

We're going to throw the French some credit here. Choucroute, French for the sour stuff, is best utilized in choucroute garnie. We're assuming that translates to "pork goes to Kraut Mountain." Which, naturally, is a place we made up in a very good dream, and a dish made up in the mid-1600's in the French-German region of Alsace. Stew together a slab of pork belly, some dense, garlicky sausages, a salted hock or two, some whole spices and potatoes with a generous pour of dry white wine and you've got something to serve over sauerkraut that just sent your hot dog running for the hills.

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