My taste is not for those sweet cocktails with different notes and everything like that. I’d rather leave that for food. For a cocktail, I like a Scotch. What we do at the restaurants, and our Beverage Director feels the same way, is add a little twist on a classic and call it a day. We do a margarita with a little jalapeño in it. One little twist is all you need.

I don’t really think you need to make your own bitters. Bitters are bitters. If you can take 10 cups of club soda with 10 different bitters in it and can taste the difference, I’ll eat my hat. I’m sure that people will argue with me about the different nuances, but I mean, they’re fucking bitters. Alright, it’s supposed to give one little note on a drink. I like the nostalgia. I like that people are having a classic Sidecar, that’s fun. But I just don’t think I would ever want to build a business on that.

I mostly drink beer, but not the wheat stuff. Not light beer, either. I like wine. White, red, rosé, but not if it’s too acidic. After dinner I’ll drink grappa, cognac, Armagnac, Scotches, bourbons. Before dinner, I’ll have a Ricard. It’s one of my favorites. Ricard with water — I drink that every night in the summertime, or Campari with soda.

And besides that, I’ll drink a Ketel One martini with some olives. There’s so much sugar and sweetness in other cocktails. And I’m like, I don’t like hangovers.

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