The Good And Bad With Food Trucks

I love the idea that food trucks are innovative and you can start them up with just a little bit of capital. You can be a real business person. That's great. The problem is I feel like they really have to organize themselves and the city [of New York] has to learn how to deal with them. They're probably not paying a carting fee, I don't know if they're paying their taxes, they're not paying any rent and some of these guys park in front of a store that's selling the same thing that they do, which isn't really fair.

There's got to be some sort of policing that goes on, and what I would love to see is their association policing themselves. That's something that could be done, but it's a little bit of the wild wild west right now. I'm not a big advocate of the government coming in taking and over people's rights, but they can police themselves.

The good thing about food trucks is that they lead to innovations. Everything has gotten a little more casual nowadays. You see a lot less tablecloths. I can imagine the people who wash linens can probably tell you that. They're probably washing a lot more napkins and less tablecloths these days. I think that's a good thing, and food trucks play a big role.

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