Breakfast For Lunch (But Not Brunch)

It's not brunch, because it's Friday. However, that neither precludes you from desiring nor enjoying breakfast fare for lunch.

Sometimes you get the idea of a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich stuck in your head. Sometimes the previous evening's festivities can influence your sense of urgency toward said sandwich. Say you're already, ten minutes late for work and don't have time to stop to get breakfast. You're going to be thinking about cheese oozing all over crispy bacon all morning, aren't you? Well, go back to the deli on your lunch break and claim your prize. If you never stopped thinking about it, chances are it never stopped thinking about you, either.

While there's something special about a griddled omelet filled with melted American cheese and thinly-sliced bacon only a deli can get both crispy AND chewy enough (unless, of course, you've read our guide to cooking perfect bacon), I recently "encountered" a variation that might trump the classic. If barely-toasted sourdough smeared with a blend of goat cheese and homemade ricotta, topped with a peppery over-easy fried egg, crispy chunks of porchetta and lightly-dressed watercress doesn't do it for you, don't hang out in my kitchen on a Saturday morning.