Word Of The Day: Scrapple

Scrapple is one of those words that sounds exactly like what it describes (once you know what it is, of course). A Pennsylvania specialty inspired by German ancestors, scrapple is a mixture of pork scraps—heart, head, liver, and whatever else is left over from the pig—which are then boiled with the bones. The boiled meat is minced, and the resulting broth is mixed with cornmeal to create a kind of "mush."

The meat and mush are combined with spices, then formed into loaves. Maybe you think only bread or true (AKA: head-and-liverless) meatloaf should come in this form, but some folks regularly fry up scrapple slices for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The satisfaction produced by its salty meatiness is surprisingly hard to deny. Eat your heart out, SPAM.

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