A Vegan's Recession Grocery List

There is all this talk about the recession coming back. I have to defer to LL Cool J on this and say, "Don't call it a comeback, it's been here for years." Since '08 to be exact. As an entrepreneur, learning how to stretch a buck is rule one for me. I have learned to navigate a grocery store for the best deals, to cook for the week and to take a lunch to work. I prepare meals that I don't mind eating two days in a row, or that I can make two dishes out of, like a basic tomato sauce I can throw on pasta one night and use for French bread pizza the next. I keep staples on hand like PB&J, beans, rice and hummus. I find that if I'm able to snack and take a lunch in my feedbag, my debit card can stay holstered. So here are a few ideas of what to grab at the store.

Grocery list

This is almost an exact replica of my Trader Joe's receipt that came to about $40, with enough food to last me about a week and a half. The money saved by buying plant-based proteins instead of pricier animal products can be spent on organic produce and other goodies.

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