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Jack Black once said that Rock ‘n’ Roll was about sticking it to the man. Interesting choice of words, since his good pal Ben Stiller once lamented that there weren’t enough foods on sticks. And we connect the dots by saying, for the purpose of this article, perhaps marrying the two statements might be a great place to start. Rock is about sticking it to the man… with food on sticks. Now we backtrack and re-edit: Songs about food fucking rock.

Not all of them and not all the time. God forbid I mention “Sugar, Sugar” by the Archies or “Rock Lobster” by the B-52’s — let’s have some standards. Or what if I made the blunder of including songs like the Smashing Pumpkins’ “Mayonnaise” or Phish’s “Mango Song” even if the two have nothing to do with the edible (but gross if you combined them together) titles? If it were still in vogue to play the spoons and the washboard, I’d whip them out and lay down a funky beat to these 20 Tasty Jams. (Well, these 10. Part 2 is here.)


  1. No jingles, no commercials. Songs about food — and don’t just be a one-liner describing a girl’s “cold coffee eyes” (respect, Paul Simon)
  2. Be a good song. If this was a mix tape… or to the younger readers a “Playlist” …would you be skipping through the tracks or would you listen to the tunes in their entirety?
  3. No Jimmy Buffett. I refuse. I don’t like him, never will. I’m baffled how he’s not simply a guy singing at a pool in Aruba during Happy Hour. He’s cheesier than his song about cheeseburgers… however the song certainly contributes to his cheesiness.