Drum & Bass & ... Recipes?

The intersection between music and food is growing more entwined by the day. A London drum & bass label called Ingredients Records ups the ante today with the release of Recipe Book Vol. 1, a collection of breakneck beats from DJs who also provide their favorite recipes. It goes on sale today on iTunes as a CD with recipe cards; vinyl and digital bundle options are also available. (And if you want a preview, check out a mix on Soundcloud.)

The label was founded by Clive Broe, who also makes music under the name Psylence, as a way to bridge his two passions. Here, he tells Food Republic how the turntable and the kitchen table aren't so far apart after all.

What inspired you to start a label devoted to music and cooking?

They are my two career paths so far in my life. I started buying and mixing records in 1991, choosing the original hardcore sounds as my kind of vibe, mainly as they used breakbeats — and coming from a hip-hop background it was literally those same funk breaks sped up. I've been a DJ since around those days. In 1994 I worked in kitchens, eventually in London, training to be a chef. In my spare time I would go down to record stores, and I really enjoyed listening to [beats] while cooking dinner. So this is really where the idea of putting the two together came about.

Who are the most passionate DJs about cooking? And have they cooked for you?

Well it's been interesting so far in that most people who I have signed tunes from do enjoy their food. Jubei in particular is a keen chef; his lamb shank looked great, loves his food. Also Phobia took his time to come up with a cracking recipe for Beef Stew & Dumplings. I have to say Sato is probably the most passionate about his food; I think he could write his own cookbook! So far, I haven't had the luxury of being cooked for by the guys, but Sato's wife Sarah has made me her Chocolate brownies featured in the book and they were amazing!

What about the audience? What's the reaction you're getting? Are people cooking the recipes while listening to the mixes?

I think it's captivated the buying public! The idea was to engage them a bit more with the artist rather than just through music. I've had feedback on forums saying they have tried some of the recipes out, which is great, but I do think it's time to start asking the question and involving them more in the label.

Do you cook yourself, and if so, what kind of music do you listen to while cooking?

I do yes, not as much as I'd like to but that's because I work full time and run the label. I listen to a lot of old jazz funk, people like Donald Byrd, Lonnie Liston Smith or Roy Ayers. Also, love Radiohead, got all of their albums and I never grow tired of them. This is, of course, when I fancy listening to something else other than what I'm releasing. It's sometimes a good time to listen to new demos.

What are some of the connections you see between music and food?

They are both creative. I think you can have a vision of what you'd like your meal to look like in the same way you want your track to sound like. The process from start to finish can be the same. I enjoy them both just as much, I'd be lost without music and tasty food!

London has been in the midst of an inspired connection to cooking, with some notable chefs breaking out and some important restaurants developing. Are you and your DJs inspired by this in any way? Any favourite chefs/restaurants in England at the moment?

From my time spent in kitchens in Belgravia and Fulham, I was inspired particularly during those days by Le Gavroche and the Roux brothers. That was and still is THE place to work. I'm also a huge Gary Rhodes fan, very consistent. In the last 10 years cooking has certainly become "cool," and there has been a huge influx of different eateries inspired by the London food scene.

Are any of your DJs good mixologists? Could we see some drink recipes in Ingredients' future?

Haha! Well I did plan to create some cocktails with the artists, but I think that may come in the future, maybe for the next album.

What else can we expect from Ingredients?

Well the long-term plan is to create a Drum & Bass cookbook. I've also got some merchandise in the pipeline, including Ingredients Aprons! But the main focus has always been on developing new artists, so expect plenty more good music from Ingredients.