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Whoever said you couldn't have macaroni and cheese for breakfast? (Photo: Sara Remington.)

Sometimes we receive a book we all kind of fight to see who takes home. The Mac + Cheese Cookbook is one of those. If you’ve ever truly craved macaroni and cheese, chef/owners at Oakland, CA restaurant Homeroom have the cure: a dozen kinds with a jillion more add-ins. A fried egg add-in means macaroni and cheese for breakfast.

Great for breakfast, but this one’s also pretty darn amazing any time of the day. When we were testing recipes for a breakfast mac, we kept sensing that something was missing. Then Rafi, Erin’s brother-in-law and taste-tester that day, casually asked: “Why don’t you throw an egg on top?”

So Rafi, if we haven’t told you before, you’re a genius! Bake this one in individual breadcrumb-topped portions. After baking, slide on a fried egg. When you break into the runny egg, you get egg yolk, bacon and creamy sharp Cheddar with each spoonful. This mac is completely to blame for the five extra pounds we each gained this year. It’s okay. Every single bite was completely worth it.

Reprinted with permission from The Mac + Cheese Cookbook