Remember when you wished that rapper Xzibit would knock on your door and announce that he was going to pimp your ride? Well, this is sort of like that.

Sriracha makers Huy Fong and luxury car manufacturer Lexus joined forces and welcomed a new member to the IS sports sedan family, the Sriracha IS.

According to Ad Week, the car’s interior is embedded with the Huy Fong logo on the leather seats and its exterior is painted to match that signature red hue, along with green accent marks that make your Sriracha Halloween costume look extra lame. The car is even equipped with 43 bottles in the truck and an “emergency chili button” on the key fob that’ll dispense the stuff from a nozzle. Perfect for dining in your car.

You won’t be able to take it out for a spin, however. Ad Week reports that Lexus has only made one, which will be on display at the Los Angeles Auto Show from today through November 27, not far from Huy Fong’s home of Rosemead, California. If the sedan were to ever to hit the road, L.A. would be the perfect home for it, seeing that people spend so much time in their cars and will probably need their hot sauce fix. Check out the cheeky video announcement below.