Welcome to the FResh List! Each week, FR’s dedicated staffers compile a list of all the random things on their minds about the world of food and drink and beyond. These are their latest obsessions, rounded up in a somewhat organized fashion:

1. Tonight! Sausage Party. Midnight screening seems only fitting.
2. Watermelon water > maple water > coconut water
3. Anchovy paste in everything
4. Lunchables (thanks to Netflix’s Love)
5. Eggo waffles (thanks to Netflix’s Stranger Things)

6. Dogfish Head’s sessionable Festina Pêche: a great beer for drinking in the sun without needing Advil or a lengthy nap.
7. Halloumi: a great cheese for grilling. Pair with watermelon, almond slivers and drizzled honey.
8. Sun Kil Moon’s “Ben’s My Friend,” a great song about New Orleans blue crab cakes, venison, Panera bread
9. Cherry Pie pinot noir: awful label, great wine
10. Eric Wareheim and Aziz Ansari’s Italian travel log set to Kanye West’s “Famous.” Greatness!

11. Out-of-this-world fried chicken with spicy peanut butter at Atoboy (New York City)
12. Everything about Pine Street Market (Portland, Oregon)
13. The duck-fat sazerac at the Caribbean Room (New Orleans, Louisiana)
14. All the tacos (Mexico City)
15. Washington, D.C., pastry chef Alex Levin’s candy-apple-esque cherry tomatoes on a stick

16. Fresh Dungeness crab on the Oregon coast
17. Fresh chickens at farm stores
18. Clams as a trendy ingredient
19. Goetta: Think of it as German scrapple.
20. What’s so “impossible” about the plant-based burger at NYC’s Nishi if it’s being served every day?
21. Why is the food at shivas so darn good?
22. How long would you wait for a table at a new restaurant that only accepts walk-ins?
23. Yoga in a vineyard: Can we rename these grapes “Zenfandel”?