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"Finally!" probably isn't the right proclamation to make regarding Sambonet's awesome line of terracotta cookware, considering the brand has been around for over a hundred years. And yet there's something about this collection's aesthetic that seems so perfectly current. 

The Italian company's Terra.Cotto Piral line is an assortment of heavy duty saucepans and oven pots fired in ovens from Albisola, a Northern Italian city known for its terracotta pottery and cookwares. Given that ovens didn't always have the best means of temperature control back in the day, they're designed to withstand temperatures as high as 530 degrees Fahrenheit (280 degrees Celcius). If that's not reason enough to roast, bake, broil or stew something up for guests and yourself on one of these cold winter nights, their awesome colors and boxy shape — a geometric, even Southwestern-inspired take on the classic Dutch oven — should have you firing up the range.

Available via Sambonet's website and at Fitzu (prices starting at $85).

With the Super Bowl in Arizona, why not serve up a little Southwestern style (by way of Italy)?

Hot pots: Sambonet’s terracotta pots can endure temperatures as high as 530 degrees.