Can Good Design Make Eating Bugs More Palatable?

In a quest to tackle the growing issues surrounding food supply in the world, four graduate students from London working under the name Ento are trying to normalize eating edible insects in the Western world. Insects are a great source of protein, and although two billion people already eat insects, this side of the world is not so eager to jump on the insect-eating bandwagon. Munching on a grasshopper may be a tough sell, but the team is focused on driving cultural change through understanding human perception, and using strategic design thinking, coupled with creative innovative and compelling experiences.

Insects are high in protein, low in fat, a great source of vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids, and good for the environment? What's not to love!? Pass the plate of creepy crawlers, please.

Ento hopes their insect food products will be available in restaurants and cafes in the next 10 years.

Intrigued? Watch this video for the low-down on Ento.

Move over Unagi, caterpillar sushi is here to stay

Stacked with "Ento Cubes," this bug bento box is unlike any other

The team designed a fork/chopstick hybrid to make picking up insects effortless

Ento uses slick infographics to show nutritional information for insects compared to other sources of protein

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