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These pecan linzer cookies are all dressed up and ready for your holiday party.

The holidays are upon us and we’re in full reflective mode. We rounded up our favorite cookbooks and top stories from 2016. Still looking for gifts for your favorite people? We have a gift guide for that. We also didn’t forget a cookie recipe roundup for Santa Claus and your real family members. Food writer and cookbook author told us what “as American as apple pie” means to her. All that and more on this week’s Hot Topics.

  1. Eating chicken wings elegantly can be tricky. Let actor BD Wong show you the way.
  2. Cookbook author Genevieve Ko on what it means to be American via her apple pie.
  3. Vegan and vegetarian cuisine is on the rise in Vietnam.
  4. As downtown Brooklyn grows, can Hare Krishna restaurant Govinda’s survive?
  5. Winter cooking project: Make your own andouille sausage!
  6. It’s been a crazy year at Food Republic. These are our top 10 stories of 2016.
  7. It’s also been an awesome year for cookbooks! We rounded up our absolute favorites.
  8. What’s Christmas without some cookies? These are our eight favorite recipes.
  9. There’s still time to get gifts! Check these out for that fancy food lover in your life.
  10. Portland’s food scene is on fire. We round up the eight best new restaurants in PDX.