A Keurig coffee maker brewing coffee.
How Often To Clean Your Keurig For The Best Tasting Coffee

A Keurig requires daily, weekly, and quarterly maintenance to function effectively. It should be descaled every quarter if you get through more than eight K-cups daily.

Once the machine has finished pouring each cup of coffee and cooled down, rub it down from the outside with a cloth. This will ward off any germs from getting inside the machine.

Hand-washing drip trays with soap and water after each use will also go a long way. Water tanks should also be cleaned and filled with fresh water before each brew.

Once you've used your Keurig for a week, it's time to clean the pod holder with soap and water, too. Use a paperclip to gently dislodge any stuck-on coffee grounds.

Additionally, for Keurigs to brew consistently fresh and tasty java, they must be descaled of mineral deposits roughly every three months.