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FaltyDL Stopped Slicing Fish, Started Splicing Beats For A Living

The Sushi Chef Turned DJ/Producer reflects
Dec 7, 2012 2:01 pm

Before he was FaltyDL, he was Drew Lustman, a guy holding down a series of jobs, including one in a Japanese restaurant that led him to become a sushi chef. We caught up FaltyDL to find out what led him to step away from the knives and focus solely on his music career, as well as his favorite meals from around the world and what he noshes on when get gets hungry behind the decks.

Wolfgang Gartner Knows McDonald's Recipe For Sweet 'n Sour Sauce

But the electro-house DJ will have a salad, thanks
Dec 7, 2012 12:01 pm

DJ and house music producer Wolfgang Gartner spills on his eating and drinking habits. What does this entail? On rare nights at home with his girlfriend, an intriguing vegetable dish. On the road, much more. And when it comes to coffee? "I'm a slave to the mermaid," he tells us in the latest DJ Week interview.

Awesomeness Alert: Inspired By DJ Week, Blog Interviews Shawty Slim

The hip-hop DJ unveils an unusual recipe on a blog
Dec 7, 2012 11:31 am

"You made this?" "Yeah girl." That's DJ Shawty Slim, sharing a tender moment after cooking his signature dish. Thanks to Macon, Georgia's Dovetail restaurant for taking inspiration from our DJ Week and interviewing local hero Slim, who knows how to work it in the kitchen. Read on for all the details...

Sinden Keeps His 'High Snax Drawer' Stocked With Sour Punch Straws

British DJ digs quality sushi, pepperoncinis
Dec 6, 2012 4:01 pm

British producer/DJ Sinden has an eclectic sensibility, spinning a spectrum of jams ranging from freestyle R&B to baile funk to Miami bass and grime. Say that three times. He recently relocated with his wife from London to Los Angeles. The city has rubbed off on him a bit, as we found out in our interview. It turns out that you can’t find decent elotes in Brixton. But Echo Park on the other hand…

Morgan Page Eats Well At Home, Dines Smart On The Road

Superstar LA-based DJ/producer on his fridge, faves
Dec 6, 2012 2:01 pm

Guess who was twice-nominated for a Grammy and snagged a 2012 residency at the Wynn Las Vegas along with Tiësto, Deadmau5, Afrojack and Steve Aoki? This guy, Morgan Page. Somehow he found time to answer a few of my burning questions between making eggs, eating Korean BBQ tacos and, you know, DJing.

How DJ-Run Label Fool's Gold Begat Food Gold Blog

NYC DJ Nick Catchdubs explains the madness
Dec 6, 2012 1:46 pm

Five years ago, DJs A-Trak and Nick Catchdubs founded Fool's Gold, a record label and collaborative that put the duo at the forefront of artist-run entities in the post–big label era. What few people realized as these rising DJ/entrepreneurs started to grow their brand is that while their expertise was clearly in hip-hop, pop, soul, parties and events, they also shared a culinary passion that was also ahead of the game. They even have a food blog on their website. But why?

Australian Producer Flume Starts The Day With A Bowl Of Honey Weets

Plus, what the emerging artist eats on tour
Dec 6, 2012 11:01 am

Sydney-based producer and DJ Flume (born Harley Streten) sort of blew up New York City during October’s annual CMJ gathering of A&R and college-aged music media. He played like nine shows with the mission of signing an American record deal (still working on it), while bringing his experimental hip-hop laptronica to the masses (check!). We spoke with him about Australian eats.

Norwegian Producer Lindstrøm Makes His Own Beats. Also, Bread And Apple Jam.

Oslo DJ on coffee, Noma and cooking from scratch
Dec 5, 2012 4:01 pm

“It’s kind of like we just realized that our food is actually quite good,” jokes Hans-Peter Lindstrøm, a Norwegian DJ and producer known for his eclectic mixes that range from prog rock to bombastic 4/4 techno. As we find out, his latest album is inspired by the culinary world.


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